When Businesses Should Consider Using a Trash Compactor

When most people think about a trash compactor, they may think about a small compactor designed for residential use. These machines push together solid waste, and some may consolidate waste so that it is half of its original size or less. The benefits of compaction equipment are to make better use of space in a trash can and to decrease the amount of time and effort spent emptying a trash can and dealing with waste removal needs. While they are commonly used for residential purposes, they also can be used for commercial waste management and removal needs. Your business may consider investing in compaction equipment if any of these factors are present.

You Regularly Run Out of Space for Trash
Your waste management company and recycling company may only visit your venue once or twice a week to pick up your waste. In between these scheduled visits, your facility may be teeming with trash. In fact, the amount of waste stored in your facility on most business days may interfere with your ability to accept new shipments, to store inventory and more. If you feel that your venue is becoming increasingly too small for your needs because of your trash problem, investing in compaction equipment makes sense.

Your Team Spends a Lot of Time Moving Trash
If your team is inundated with huge piles of waste, there is a good chance that they are less productive as a result. For example, they may spend too much time moving trash to different areas of the facility or hauling it to the dumpster for final removal from your venue. With a trash compactor, they will need to move piles of waste to different areas of your venue less frequently, and their time can be used more efficiently.

You Want to Reduce the Cost of Trash Bags and Other Related Items
In many commercial facilities, waste is tossed into trash bags or other storage containers before it is transported to a dumpster. These bags and other related items can cost a small fortune, and you may be looking for a beneficial way to reduce your reliance on these products. With a trash compactor in use, you can drastically reduce the number of waste management and containment products your facility uses on a regular basis.

A trash compactor will take up space in your venue, and it will cost money to invest in initially. However, most business owners find that the equipment eventually will pay for itself, and its space-saving benefits more than make up for the amount of space it takes up in a venue. Take time to explore the trash compactor models available for purchase today. Visit Rotoble Compaction for additional resources.