Launch Your New Product With The Perfect Corporate Event

Product Launch Corporate Event

Everyone wants to be a part of something special. One need only look at the explosive popularity of technology product demonstrations to see how important it is for people to gather together as part of a community.

A product launch, especially for the kind of product that is likely to have broad, exciting appeal, is one of the key ways a business can generate interest and sales. There are several reasons this is true. Let's start with one of the less obvious ones.

Social Proof

It is human nature to be curious when we see a large crowd gathered around something. Our minds tell us there must be something awfully interesting in the center of that crowd. This is true because we all know how difficult it can be to get someone's attention. Getting a large number of people's attention makes us instinctively believe there is something worthwhile we should know about. That is called "social proof" and it is a very powerful way to gather an audience.


Being part of a group reinforces our confidence in our behavior and our interest in a particular subject. This is one reason clubs and organizations are so popular. A corporate event, planned and organized by someone who knows what they are doing, can entice people's interest by offering them a chance to join just such a community. This is almost as powerful as social proof.

When planning an event, emphasizing the fact that so many other people have "endorsed" the product or company and further promoting participation in an energetic and vibrant community are two things that are very effective, especially in combination.

Product Focus

Corporate Event Planners know product launches are a lot like presidential campaigns. People are there to see and hear what is new about your company and what is compelling about the product. Properly organized, a product-focused event can generate a spike in interest. Properly managed, that spike in interest can be turned into both sustained sales growth and word of mouth.

It is not a mistake for your event to concentrate on community and social proof first. Those two elements lead to positive word of mouth, which is the key to all future sales growth. Corporate events are like invitation-only commercials. They require enormous energy, but if they work, they can lead to many months of revenue and sales growth.

Corporate Events can seem daunting and even frightening for most people. After all, public speaking is still one of the average person's greatest fears. However, if they are planned well, they can bring great benefits to your company and product