A Creative and Innovative City

David Levi, Chair, Columbia Institute: I love Vancouver.
I was born here and I've known many sides of the city. I lived and went to school on the east side, later grew up on the west side, worked on the waterfront when I was a fishing boat captain.
Now I see the skyline from my downtown office.
Vancouver's greatest assets are the people who live here. We have wealth in diversity, creativity and a social conscience that complements our beautiful natural setting. Maybe that's what makes us so willing to be leaders in social and environmental sustainability.
We have a history of innovative, collaborative solutions to solve problems with practical solutions like the idea for a safe injection site - now Insite - born from a four-party collaboration between the health board during my time, and the city, province and federal governments.
We have a global challenge in climate change, regional challenges in housing and transportation and local challenges in homelessness, to name a just a few. All exacerbated by rapidly rising real estate prices. As a city that models livability for others around the world, we have much left to do. We look to our leaders to lead policy discussions - but we all know that each of us can make a difference.
My dream for Vancouver is that we harness our creativity and innovation to build a better city for all who live here.