Keep It Surreal

Carmen Mills, Co-founder, Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival and My dream of Vancouver is daisychained neighbourhoods each with its own distinctive zocalo where people meet and hang out and celebrate, demonstrate, mourn, dance, and play together.
Wild art and guerrilla gardens. Crazy playgrounds and thickets, and mysterious wild spots to get lost in. Cafes and vegetable stores and workshops and studios, hives of small shops and shared office spaces. Freestores and swap shops, island style.
Neighborhood houses of parliament. Wireless webs. Silence booths. Empty lots with cracking concrete for jumping rope and bmx practice. Sparkly night lights. Fruit trees. Trees for climbing. Public hammock stations.
Places along the shoreline to jump from rock to rock. Tall wild grasses. Working fishing boats. Small islands to get stranded on at high tide. Rookeries. Pilings covered with mussels.
Skyscrapers, each a different colour and shape and texture, with balconies trailing plants up to the sky. Cottage clusters. Rooftop gardens and rooftop forests. A small library on every block.
Bike paths and bike trails and bike highways, bike bridges, bike racks, bike lockers, bike trams for the elderly and disabled, workbikes, pedicabs, bikewash and bikefix stations. Light rail lines.
No cars.