Think City asked people from all walks of life to help spark the imaginations of the 250-plus participants who will be attending the Dream Vancouver conference.

For the next several weeks, we will be posting statements to this web site from our Dreamers, outlining their hopes for Vancouver’s future.

What needs to change? What will it take to transform the city? Who will lead? What are the barriers to overcome? What can we learn from other cities?

We hope you enjoy reading these dreams for Vancouver!

Be a Dreamer

If you want to submit your own Dream statement, please send your prose or poetry, fact or fancy to conference@thinkcity.ca. Write in broad strokes or focus on a specific initiative, but keep your dream for the city to under 700 words.

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A Place of Compassion

Joy Kogawa, poet and novelist: The dream I have for this west-coast city on the edge of the peaceable ocean is the dream I have for the world - a dream of peace. What better time than this to abolish war as we face our common planetary fate?
We have choices - to continue blithely on our way, fighting and devouring one another for the rest of our dwindling days, or we can individually and collectively lay down our weapons and practice the ways of truth and reconciliation, cooperation and peace.

Dreaming an End to the Drug War

Gillian Maxwell, Chair, Keeping the Door Open: My dream for Vancouver is a place where each person is respected for their individuality, diversity, strengths, weaknesses, frailties and human beingness.
We are proud of our compassion and generosity towards each other. Love is an abundant choice.
Businesses moved their base here as they recognized ethical standards that match their own. Vancouver has become a hub for the new intellectual consciousness raised by the crisis of climate change, and is the home of the renaissance of the 21st century.

Keep It Surreal

Carmen Mills, Co-founder, Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival and Gatewaysucks.org: My dream of Vancouver is daisychained neighbourhoods each with its own distinctive zocalo where people meet and hang out and celebrate, demonstrate, mourn, dance, and play together.
Wild art and guerrilla gardens. Crazy playgrounds and thickets, and mysterious wild spots to get lost in. Cafes and vegetable stores and workshops and studios, hives of small shops and shared office spaces. Freestores and swap shops, island style.

Engaged Citizens and Accountable Politicians

Brent Granby, President, West End Residents Association: My dream city is one where the health and happiness of all its citizens is the priority of its policies. A tall order for certain, but one that is possible if Vancouver's elected officials made this their mission.
This is how my dream city would look like. The built environment of the city would be built around people not cars. The sidewalks would be wide and visually interesting. There would be places to sit.

A Modern City-State

Marc Lee, Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives BC: My Vancouver dream is like those ones when you are there in your house and are doing stuff - but it is not really your house here on planet Earth. My Vancouver dream is a lucid dream; I am not passively watching but am an agent of change.

In my Vancouver, we are all still here. The Big One has not hit. Climate change has not levelled the city in a massive storm, or, as is perhaps more likely, Vancouver is not such a desired location to flee to that we turn into a mega-city of Sao Paulo proportions.

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