2008 Dream Vancouver Survey Results

The results of the Dream Vancouver Survey are now out and the news is good for the city's citizens.

No matter which party holds a majority on Vancouver city council after the Nov. 15 election, the public has been promised substantive actions on affordable housing, transportation and citizen engagement by all three sitting civic parties.

To recap, 2,513 citizens were surveyed on 15 policy solutions covering affordable housing, transportation and citizen engagement from late-July to mid-October in 2008. The same survey was then administered to the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) and Vision Vancouver in late October.

Here are the key findings:

1. The majority of citizens surveyed agree with all 15 policy options in the Dream Vancouver survey, plus the three civic parties support a majority of these same policy solutions.

  • COPE and Vision were in agreement with the majority of citizens surveyed by Think City on all 15 policy options (100 per cent); and
  • The NPA concurred with Think City's survey respondents on nine policy options (60 per cent).

2. There is broad political consensus to move forward on affordable housing, transportation and citizen engagement. The three parties agreed on nine Dream Vancouver policy solutions, such as:

  • initiating a below-market housing program;
  • providing citizens with direct ways to set city council priorities between elections; and
  • creating a citizen-led advisory committee to advocate for better transportation options.

3. There are several key policy solutions that provide a clear distinction between the three sitting Vancouver civic parties;

  • There were six policy options on which there was a lack of agreement by the three parties (40 per cent);
  • The three parties disagree on:
    • establishing a city housing authority;
    • providing more funding to citizen-directed activities in neighbourhoods; and
    • starting a free bus route in the downtown core.

The Dream Vancouver survey was the product of a year-long, deliberative public consultation process by the Think City Society involving 3,000 citizens.

Starting with the October 2007 Dream Vancouver conference, and including a series of policy forums, workshops and stakeholder consultations, Think City identified the three most important issues facing Vancouver and developed 15 policy options that were tested in the Dream Vancouver survey.

For full results, please click on the policy area below for details on the solutions, citizen survey responses and civic party responses.