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Photo: Dream Vancouver Conference Dream Vancouver started with a simple idea - that citizens, not politicians or bureaucrats know what's really best for their community.

Between October 2007 and November 2008, we brought people together to discuss their public policy ideas and priorities for the City of Vancouver.

Dream Vancouver has hosted, listened and involved thousands of people at our conference, forums and workshops, and through our survey.

The objective of Dream Vancouver was to get people to participate in dreaming about our city. After receiving feedback from over 3,000 Vancouverites, those of us at Think City believe it's time to turn those dreams into action. We are ending Dream Vancouver and launching four new projects based on what you told us. Those four projects are:

Dream 15 - an advocacy campaign that will promote the adoption and implementation of the Think City's fifteen policy solutions on affordable housing, transportation and citizen engagement.

Car-free Crossing - an exploration of alternative options for crossing False Creek – for people, not cars.

Where I Live - a neighbourhood mapping project for citizens by citizens.

Think Housing - a new approach to creating affordable housing for low and middle-income Vancouverites.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Dream Vancouver process. We hope you will get involved with our new projects. Go to Think City’s volunteer page and indicate which projects interest you in the comments field.

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    • Joy Kogawa, poet and novelist: The dream I have for this west-coast city on the edge of the peaceable ocean is the dream I have for the world - a dream of peace. What better time than this to abolish war as we face our common planetary fate?
      We have choices - to continue blithely on our way, fighting and devouring one another for the rest of our dwindling days, or we can individually and collectively lay down our weapons and practice the ways of truth and reconciliation, cooperation and peace.

    • David Levi, Chair, Columbia Institute: I love Vancouver. I was born here and I've known many sides of the city. I lived and went to school on the east side, later grew up on the west side, worked on the waterfront when I was a fishing boat captain.

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